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Selected innovative practical examples

Future. Perfect.

Teaching materials for sustainability in vocational training

Future Perfect creates teaching materials for trainees in all branches.

All of the publisher’s content is digitally created and distributed in the successful authoring environment of nextclassroom.

The pupils experience this exciting content with exercises and learning games in the nextclassroom App or on the webpage. The teaching material provides education for sustainable development and teaches basic knowledge of sustainability issues from the areas of ecology, social and economy.

Future. Perfect.


Connect the analog and digital learning world with each other.

In the Burgstraße vocational school, trainees wander between analog and digital learning worlds. They use their smartphones to explore the large images on panels that are distributed throughout the school building. Almost incidentally, the pupils dive into VR learning worlds in class and explore the inside of a virtual heart. This is possible with special clip-on glasses, which turn the nextclassroom learning world into a VR experience on the smartphone.

For this concept the school was awarded with the eLearning Award 2020.

We congratulate !

Logo Berufliche Schule Hotellerie, Gastronomie und Lebensmittelhandwerk


Vocational school for hotel management and catering.

The apprentices at vocational school 03 experience new digital learning methods with nextclassroom in many dimensions. Paperless classes use chronicles to collaborate on documents and share them with their teachers and classmates.

Also in virtual 360° learning environments the trainees discover exciting topics in learning spots that need to be explored.


Explore 360° panorama realities

At the vocational school for medical professions on the Elbe island of Wilhelmsburg, the apprentices get to know the hazardous substances in the dental practice in virtual 360° panoramic realities. They explore the virtual worlds using mobile devices to increase and consolidate their knowledge. At the Didacta education fair in 2018 the nextclassroom educational concept of BS15 was awarded with the eLearning Award for object-based learning.

The new 360° look on education.

Logo Akademie Klinikum Itzehoe


In the academy of the Itzehoe Clinic, trainees are trained for care work. Here at the clinic, value is placed on individualised teaching that is digitally supported. Nextclassroom creates the learning environment in which the trainees organise their learning content and playfully prepare for the exams.

Interaction with the physical learning space, modern learning arrangements and individual learning support are the cornerstones of generalised nursing education at the hospital in Itzehoe.

Heysterman AK.

International education - centrally organised

Several thousand kilometres away from their future workplace, interested customers learn the German language via nextclassroom in their home countries and get ready for their employment in Germany. A multi-language plug-in was developed so that numerous languages such as Mandarin, French, English and many more can be provided from Germany. With this plug-in it is super simple to do daily changes with world-wide effect. Awarded with the eLearning Award 2020.