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Education is our most valuable asset!

What matters now is the best solution for teaching and learning.

nextclassroom is the only innovative and flexible learning management system developed from education for education.

Innovation & education

  • Developed by educators for education
  • Several years of successful application by numerous schools and colleges
  • Competence-oriented, skill-focused and tailor-made solutions

Discovery-based learning

  • Cross-Media teaching and learning
  • Virtual Reality
  • 360-degree learning environment
  • Gamification

Communal learning

  • Collaborative and interactive exercises
  • Working to reach educational objectives within a classroom setting

Sense of proximity

  • Real-time supervision and evaluation
  • Direct communication through virtual meetings and instant messaging
  • Seamless exchange of assignments and other learning material


  • DSGVO compliant
  • EU server subject to European data protection regulation
  • All data is protected and secure

Ready to go

  • User-friendly
  • English language support
  • All features in one application
  • Compatible with Windows and MacOS

What matters now!
The best solution for teaching and learning.

Learning platform

nextclassroom is a unique educational platform, created through the collaborative effort of educators, software developers and business innovators.

nextclassroom has been operational in schools and colleges since 2016 and is successfully supporting the ongoing education of over 20,000 students.

Future of education

nextclassroom has been a truly cooperative endeavour, which defines us as a business.

The pandemic has encouraged us to leave no stone unturned, and make our contribution to the continued education of the next generation. As such, we have now developed and launched an effective, comprehensive and user-friendly solution designed to provide the necessary framework for digital education.

nextclassroom has received numerous international awards

"We have been using nextclassroom successfully for over 4 years. nextclassroom gives us the opportunity to jointly improve the learning platform. It is organic and mutual. Teachers, parents and students have a voice."

Headmistress, educational pioneer and nextclassroom customer

Federal Minister F. Giffey and founder S. Schuster

Federal Minister F. Giffey and Teacher S. Schuster

"Over the years, nextclassroom has developed to become an immediate and easy-to-use learning platform. Without hurdles for teachers, students or parents. Together with our political leaders, we can help now. Let’s do it – let’s support our children and guarantee their future with our best effort. Undoubtedly, education is our most valuable asset."

Steffen Schuster, Teacher

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nextclassroom’s key features


Virtual and video meetings

One-on-one meetings and digital classes via Teams, Zoom, Skype, Webex and others

Instant messaging

Secure messaging function for individuals and groups – compliant with the latest data protection regulation


Collaborative experience and motivation in blogs and groups


Successful learning

Exams and assignment in real time to show work progress

Interactive exchange

Facilitating the mutual sharing of learning material, assignments and feedback by teachers and students

Motivation through exercises

Enabling the creation of tailored and motivational exercises through gamification

What differentiates us from conventional educational platforms?

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating!” – as the saying goes. Over the years, our platform has been the digital solution of choice for many places of learning, resulting in numerous international awards.

The future of education

Of course, there are numerous platforms offering educational tools and technical solutions. However, what distinguishes us, is the way in which we have managed to mobilise a variety of experts to create a solution which is truly focused on facilitating the continued education of the next generation. We started working on this in 2008. Today we enable teachers and students to experience education in a completely new dimension.

As politicians proclaim that remote learning will help prevent disruption to education, we have made it our goal to realise this vision.

Steffen Schuster

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